Markus Shimizu
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2002 - 2004

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visiting artist of the Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India
master class at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Germany
internship in Permaculture, Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil
degree, Royal Academie of Fine Arts the Hague, the Netherlands
studied art at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Germany, majoring in sculpture, degree with honors
internship, Kunst-Werken Berlin e.V., Institute for Contemporary Art, Germany
Studied art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts the Hague, the Netherlands, majoring in sculpture

Awards and Scholarships

Mart Stam exhibition grant for Japan
Return Residency at Guapamacátaro, Guapamacátaro, Mexico
Exhibition funding for India by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations and the Mart Stam Society
Mart Stam Award for India 
Residency at Guapamacátaro, Guapamacátaro, Mexico
DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship for Finland
Residency at Ateljé Stundars, Vasaa, Finland
Residency at Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany
Mart Stam Award, Berlin, Germany
Erasmus Scholar, Art College Berlin-Weissensee, Germany
Project scholarship, Het Karel Klinkenberg Fonds, the Hague, the Netherlands

Initiatives and Cooperations

Founder and Director of Oiyakaha, Center for Art and Ecology, Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil /
Co-Founder and member of the artist-run gallery Stedefreund Berlin, Germany /

Recent Exhibitions

Mobile Biogas Matcha, Art Base Momoshima, Momoshima, Japan
Secret Auction, 3331 Arts Chyioda, Tokyo, Japan
Behind the schenes: Hidden Worlds - Hidden Answers, Frise Künstlerhaus Hamburg, Germany
Fukushima - Opening Doors wirh Compassion, Lutherkirche Colonge, Germany
Lost Worlds <>  Making Worlds, Murata and Friends, Berlin, Germany
Stay Hungry
, Berlin, Germany

Social Dive, 3331 Arts Chyioda, Tokyo, Japan
The Embassy of Love  Bangalore# 1 Shanti Road, Bangalore, India
Field Trip #2, Kleine Humboldgalerie, Berlin, Germany
Identification Document Exhibition, Alma, New York, USA
Wish Tree, 1st Green World Art Festival, Bhubaneswar, India / greenworldartfestival
Park – Life is for Loving, Parade und Picnic, Berlin, Germany
Sidewalk Deli – Apocalypse Now, Hamburger Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany
Identification Document Exhibition, Galería Ajolote Arte Contemporáneo, Guadalajara, Mexico
Anonymous Drawings 9, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
Identification Document Exhibition, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
White, Löwenpalais / Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Germany
Preview, Berlin, Germany
Identification Document Exhibition ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan
Art Athinia, Athens, Greece
Flüsse Karr, Berlin, Germany
Identification Document Exhibition, The Museum of Arts & Crafts ITAMI, Japan /
According to our calender, Stedefreund Berlin, Germany
False Giants, Stedefreund Berlin, Germany
4th Berliner Kunstsalon, Germany
Park, open air art picnic, Berlin, Germany
"Streams, torrents, lakes, glaciers, rocks, waterfalls, steep slopes, cliffs, peaks, firs, beeches, stumps, wind,
storms, snow, sunrises, and sunsets, for example."
Program, Berlin, Germany /
Photography, Galerie Rehorst, the Hague, the Netherlands
All the best, dear Art, Stedefreund Berlin, Germany
You, Me, Stedefreund Berlin, Germany
Grand Narrative, Gallery Bergstüb'l, Berlin, curated by Vic Vicarious, Germany /
Anonymous Drawings 1, Blütenweiss, Berlin, curated by Anke Becker, Germany
3rd Berliner Kunstsalon, Germany
"High was the mountain, craggy the cliffs, deep the valley. Springs could be heard and sweet smelt the flowers.
Was the mountain high? It’s summit touched the azure heavens. Were the gorges deep? At the bottom
you could see the underworld.",
Gallery Baracca, the Hague, the Netherlands
Between times, Schloss Plüschow, Plüschow, curated by Miro Zara, Germany
Exhibition of the fellowship holders of Schloss Plüschow, Museum of Grevesmühlen, Germany
Freischwinger, Berlinische Galerie, Germany
seesaw, Berliner Kunstprojekt, Germany

Publications and Catalogs

Social Dive, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Japan
Sidewalk Deli – Apocalypse Now, Hamburger Kunstverein
Photos of osterbotnien houses in the magazine Horisont, Finland
Look into my eyes baby, drawings by nine artists, silk screen, bound, edition of 180
Catalog of the felloship holders of Schloss Plüschow
Laureates of the Mart Stam Award
Je suis le monde * The world is yours * Ich komme zur Welt, paper
Chance and control, paper